Giant funny Inflatable soccer dart board for indoor and outdoor events
Jan 09 , 2020

Giant funny Inflatable soccer dart board for indoor and outdoor events

When you plans for a corporate event, a team building program and you want to make it fun by incorporating games, what kind of games will come to your mind?

How about the inflatable dart boards? Inflatable dart boards are fun, safe, and most importantly, are a group outdoor activity. Here are a 3 advantages of inflatable dart boards.

gaint inflatable dart board

1. The product is made of inflatable bounce house material PVC vinyl tarpaulin which is lead free and completely fire proof. It is very sturdy and the joints are particularly reinforced to be able to handle high pressures. Stitches are double run and all welds and seams are thoroughly checked. The standard size being 2 meters across, you will spend a lot of time having immense fun with this product.

2. To set up the game is so easy because it requires that you only inflate the board and pick a place to place it, and you are ready to play. There are large dartboards, but they are equally easy to set up. You need not worry about topping it up or keeping it constantly connected with the blower or pump all the time.

3. You need not worry about keeping this away from the children because it is totally safe for use. The darts do not have points in them but are equipped with Velcro that sticks to the surface of the inflatable board. This means you can even play the game with kids and is super fun on a childs birthday party. However, this game is extremely fun for adults as well. Darts in any shape, or form is fun and entertaining.

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